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What does this paid app provides?
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May 3, 2021
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Lose Weight Slowly Apk Review.

What does this paid app provides?
For a price of few sips of coffee, this paid app gives you –
1. No ads in this app. We want you to take your “weight loss journey” seriously. No distractions please.
2. Weight tracker/logger to measure your daily progress in your weight loss journey. You can use this with your own weight loss method or with our premium weight loss program.
3. BMI calculator to check how your body weight is compared to healthy/ideal weight.
4. The opportunity to join our premium weight loss program inside the app. (This covers – book “Tao of Weight Loss”, “Meal/Diet Guide” and meal logger tool and other features)
5. This app is paid only, because we want to invite only serious people who want to lose weight, which wouldn’t be possible if we kept this app free.

What is the problem?
Overweightness/obesity is a health problem caused due to access body fat accumulated in the body.

What is the cause of overweightness/obesity?
In some cases it is caused due to bad eating habits instilled from early age. In some cases it is caused due to lack of proper knowledge. As civilizations become more and more advanced, options for what one can consume increases.
So then a new problem arises which is – what choices to make for a meal/diet. In some cases it is caused because of depression. Depression doesn’t have to be severe. It could be very subtle too, which is the case with most people.
If you had a healthy mind/brain in the first place, you would never allow yourself to instill eating habits and change your natural biology of the body, which leads to overweightness/obesity.
So knowing the nature of your mind/brain is very crucial. This is explored in detail in this app and also other reasons for overweightness/obesity.

What is the solution for overweightness/obesity?

Usual approaches for weight loss are:
1. cycling, running, jogging/walking
2. gym membership for exercise, workouts
3. yoga, meditation, hypnosis
4. weight loss injections (lipotropic, b12, hcg, hormone, lipo shots) lipo suction, forskolin
5. motivational videos, quotes or seminars of weight loss
6. Specific fat loss for body parts – stubborn belly fat, lose face fat, lose thigh fat, lose butt fat and others

The above method costs considerable amount of money and/or time and might be risky to your health/life. More importantly they are not effective.

We believe reclaiming normal weight/health should be done in a natural and effortless way and we are dedicated to solve this problem for any one who wishes so,
for ages to come.

How much can you lose weight with this product?
We believe if you just lose 100gm(0.220 lb) per day on average, then 3kg(or 6.6 lb) per month is a decent weight loss.
And if your mind/brain picks up on how you can lose just 100gm(0.220 lb) per day then 200gm(0.440 lb) per day or 6kg(13.2 lb) per month will become easy too.

Does it have meal/diet plans?
There are various meal/diet plans used by people like keto weight loss, GM diet, 7-day weight loss diet/meal plan and others.
We believe diet/meal plan should be for life and such that is unique to everyone which is enjoyable yet helps in your weight loss journey.
Find out everything related to meal/diet in the “Meal/Diet Guide” book available inside.

Does it guarantee Weight Loss?
Yes. Based on our test results, across different countries, we can guarantee that you will lose weight. But more importantly the question should be
do you really want to lose weight? Like everything in life, if you are committed with your weight loss journey, then you will succeed.
That’s why we have made our weight loss program – premium, so that only committed users are invited to our product.

Made with love by Tortoise – Lose Weight Slowly!

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