Fake GPS location Joystick – Location Changer

🔥 Change your phone GPS location to any point of the world just by taping a click.
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August 30, 2020
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Download Fake GPS location Joystick APK For Android

🔥 Change your phone GPS location to any point of the world just by taping a click.
Fake GPS location Joystick Apk– Location Changer app so you can fake the GPS on the go. Fake location spoofer will overwrite your current location so that you can create surprise your friends on any social network to think you are somewhere else.

🔥 Fake GPS location Joystick – Location Changer can make your friends think you’re on a dream vacation in Rome, when in fact you’re at home! A fast, fun way to trick your friends by simply faking (changing) your phone’s GPS

🍀Main Features of Fake GPS location Joystick – Location Changer app🍀

⚡ Changes GPS location (fake location spoofer) instantly and easily
⚡ Select your current location or any location in the world using the map or location joystick
⚡ Pause fake location and continue the route directly from the location joystick
⚡ Simple GPS changer technique create GPS location fake location (Mock GPS)
⚡ Select a location on the map to create a fake location (Mock GPS)
⚡ Fake GPS location to the selected location(payment required)
⚡ Your fake location (Mock location) is created from fake location spoofer
⚡ Create a fake location to hide your current location with a fake GPS location (Mock location)
⚡ Allows users to change location, fake location spoofer (Mock GPS) immediately with Joystick
⚡ Enter latitude/longitude directly from the Fake GPS Joystick – Mock GPS

🌟How to use Fake GPS location Joystick – Location Changer🌟

1. First, enable the developer settings on your device (Access Coarse and Fine Location – fake location (Mock GPS)
2. Allow mock location (fake location spoofer) under Developer’s
3. In the developer. options enable mock location (Fake Location).
4. Set your location to be ‘device only ‘(use only Mock location).
5. Open the fake Fake GPS Joystick app, move the red dot anywhere you like and click on the map.

♻️This tool will let you deceive your fake GPS location changer joystick receiver and set any location on the earth. Fake GPS Joystick allows to fake the location of your phone by GPS location and other network operators. It is compatible with almost all applications.
♻️It’s simple and great fun to trick people with Fake Location Spoofer. You can use the Fake GPS Joystick & Mock location app (Fake Location) to pull a prank or show that you’re somewhere else as an excuse.

⚠️Important note⚠️

✶ Some games will suspend your account if you try to the fake location (Mock GPS).
✶ This fake location (Mock location) app requires to have play services and maps installed.
✶Fake GPS Joystick might not work with some apps, but Fake GPS Joystick works with FB, WhatsApp, twitter, etc.
✶ Fake GPS Joystick doesn’t work with Viber since it requiters network location enabled.
✶ if the “Fake GPS location Joystick – Location Changer” app stops working or behaving strangely then simply restart the device.


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