Google Wifi App Removed From the Google Play Store

Google Wifi App Removed From the Google Play Store

Google has finally removed the Google Wifi app from the Play Store as of earlier today. All of the app’s features have been migrated to the Google Home app to offer customers a unified smart home experience.

The Google Wifi app for iOS was delisted from the App Store yesterday, while the Android version followed suit today. The company originally planned to remove the Wifi app in June, but the process was delayed for unknown reasons.

Google Wifi has been around since 2015 and has seen more than 5 million installs on the Play Store since then. The removal of the app means that it won’t show up on a standard search. Meanwhile, the direct link for the app doesn’t work either.

Those who already have the app should be able to access it until Google stops supporting it. 9to5Google notes that the app can also be spotted from the ‘Manage apps & device’ section if you’ve previously downloaded it.

With the Google Wifi app removed, all the features are now in the Home app

Users will know that Google Wifi no longer has the functions it once had, so it’s entirely likely that a bulk of the users have already migrated to the Home app. The Wifi app still allows users to view some connection stats and visualizations.

The Google Home app was updated recently with the addition of a new ‘Wi-Fi’ section. Meanwhile, it also brings the ‘advanced networking’ settings section from the Google Wifi app. The company said in its announcement post that it wants to “help streamline how you control your smart home.”

Among the major benefits of having WiFi control on the Home app is access to Google Assistant. The company started working on a single app for all its smart home features in 2019. This is around the same time when the second-generation Nest Wifi was introduced.

We learned earlier today that Google had discontinued a handful of older Nest cameras, including the Nest Cam Indoor from 2015, the Nest Cam Outdoor, and the Nest Cam IQ lineup. The company said that only ​​Nest Hello will remain on the shelves, though it’s unclear for how long.

The company announced the new wired Nest Cam and the battery-operated Nest Cam to replace the older models. Google said that discontinued camera models would continue to receive bug fixes and security updates.